Oregon Mutual Insurance

McMinnville, Oregon

Services Provided

Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering


This 3 story, 70,000 square foot office building was conceived by Oregon Mutual Insurance (OMI) more than ten years before it was designed and built.

R&W provided the design for the mechanical, plumbing, site lighting, interior lighting, power, emergency generator, data systems, telephone systems and a corporate computer room with IDF closets on upper floors.

R&W designed an under floor air distribution system providing moderate temperature supply air to all occupants via an 18″ raised floor. This raised floor plenum space was also used to route all power, data and telephone cabling to all occupants. In a unique use of this type of system R&W created three separate under floor plenums to meet the three unique uses in the building, one was for general office use, one for the data center and a third for the printing shop that had internal temperature requirements that were different than the rest of the building. Site work for this project included coordination and design to underground two city blocks of overhead utilities with Verizon, Comcast, and McMinnville Water and Light.