Tokai Carbon CVD Furnace #4

Hillsboro, Oregon

Services Provided

Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering


R&W provided design services for construction and installation of a large CVD Furnace for treating of large components.

Design was based on a unit originally constructed in Japan, duplicated in South Korea and this would be the third unit of this size in the world. Design was provided for expansion of plant facilities and electrical systems. A new electrical power service design was provided and new process water cooling system design was provided. The process water system was designed for capacity to support two (2) new purification furnaces that were installed in a secondary building at the site. The CVD vessel construction design was coordinated to provide certifications to meet U.S. requirements as a certified vessel. The CVD unit utilizes specialized high capacity electrical heating elements and R&W designed a custom bus-work supply system and coordinated measures to reduce electrical induction into structures. R&W assisted with the complete process system design including gas vaporization systems, gas delivery systems and full PLC automation of the CVD furnace operations.