Fall Creek Hatchery Research Center

Alsea, Oregon

Services Provided

Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering


The Hatchery Research Center at Fall Creek included additions to and modifications of the existing Fall Creek Hatchery facility to support hatchery, harvest, habitat management and other related research.

Project components include a learning research building, approximately 12,000 SF, a new dormitory, approximately 4,000 SF, maintenance shop, restrooms, storage and residences. The project also includes design of hatchery related structures, including simulated streams and research rearing ponds, site infrastructure improvements, including hatchery water supply and distribution piping, settling pond for hatchery water supply, disinfection of hatchery water supply or portion thereof, domestic water supply, treatment, storage, and distribution, fire protection system, hatchery wastewater collection, treatment and disposal, domestic wastewater collection, treatment and disposal, electrical power supply and distribution, standby power supply, refrigeration, vehicular access and parking, landscaping and pedestrian bridge replacement.