Balancing Work & Family – Can it be done?

  • January 5, 2018

Author: Heidi Speer


The task of balancing your work-life with your personal-life can be daunting, and in some cases, it can result in one of those two sides, losing. So which do you sacrifice: Work or Family?

For me neither was an option. Which was why “who” I worked for was so important when it came time to commit to a permanent position.

I had spent three years in that precarious position of contract employee, where your income was only guaranteed for a short amount of time. As a single parent that caused more than a few sleepless nights. I was eager for the stability that a permanent position offered, but I was worried what a permanent position might cost me when it came to my young child.

It was always the most heart pounding moment of a job interview. Bringing up the fact that I was a single parent to a 5-year-old and asking how a potential employer felt about the inevitable sick child phone call I’d get from the school that would cause me to leave work suddenly. There was the chance that your employer would appear to be sympathetic and understanding of your situation during the interview, however, in reality, if your child called you away from work more than two times it would actively start to affect how your employer treated you.

When R&W informed me that they were a “family first” company, I was relieved but knew to take all comments with a grain of salt, realizing that each company had their own definition of the phrase.

I’m happy to say that almost 12 years later, R&W is still true to their word. Whether you, a child or a pet is fighting an illness. If you must leave early for soccer practice, a school production or an anniversary dinner; management and co-workers are understanding. Flexible hours are available to help make-up missed time, and remotely accessing your work computer from home to keep on top of projects, helps relieve any stress someone may have for being away from their work obligations. It creates a balance that can be hard to achieve.

Finding a company that understands and accepts that an employee has responsibilities that lay outside the office, is important. Being a part of a company that believes that, and proves their belief every day creates a loyal work force that will give 110%, knowing that their company will support them in return.

  • January 5, 2018